Has this ever happened to you – 6 weeks in to the new year reps begin saying their goals are too high?

Even though the reps went through a vigorous process to determine their goal.

Now you’re saying… what the heck… where did this come from?  

And wondering:

            What changed?

            Why do they think the goals are too high now?

            Where’s the disconnect?

            Oh my, how and I going to turn this around?

Don’t worry, it’s not as defeating as it sounds. You can turn this around.

Chances are you and your reps have targeted the right quota for the year. They know their number. They just don’t have a plan on how to reach it.

What you and your reps haven’t done is broken it into manageable action steps so it feels exceptionally overwhelming.

And for the first few weeks, the reps are doing what they did before – nothing different in their going to market actions.

Here’s a starter prep tool to use in a coaching session with each rep.

It’s Time to Plan to Tactics

Part 1 – What’s The Magic Number?

– $ _____________ Current/repeat Customers Estimated Sales

– $ _____________ Current customers vulnerable to loss

Sub Total – New Business Needed to Meet Sales Quota

Part 2 – What’s It Going To Take?

$______________   Average Dollar Per Sale

Sub total – New Business Needed divided by Average Dollar Per Sale = Total Number of New Clients

Part 3 – Where Are They Going to Come From?

  • Top 10 Target Accounts
  • Current Customers Upsell Opportunities
  • Referrals
  • Other

 Part 4 – What Barriers Are In The Way?

  • Barrier #1
  • Barrier #2
  • Barrier #2

Part 5 – How Am I Going To Remove Them?

  • Plan to Remove Barrier #1
  • Plan to Remove Barrier #2
  • Plan to Remove Barrier #2

Part 6 – What Resources and Support Do I Need?

  • People
  • Time
  • Dollars

Now your reps are prepared to crush quotas month after month!


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