What does it take to be successful in sales?

This question is It’s one of the great debates in the sales community.

One indication of the debate is the response to a recent question posted on LinkedIn. The question asked:

What is more important in sales- great selling skills or expertise on the product?

The more than 250 respondents – sales managers and sales professionals – were split with their answers. Many couldn’t choose one over the other.

Why? Because both are equally important.

However, to truly be successful more is needed!

With our work with thousands of sales professionals over the last 30+ years, we have found that the top performing sales professionals we know combine their Skill and Will to out-perform the others.

So what is ‘Will’?  It’s important to know, because will comes from within.  It’s the fire in the belly, the personal achievement drive and the something within.

The “Will’ is these Success Drivers:

  1. Goal Transparency – Written, specific and measurable goals followed by action steps. They are easily seen, referenced and updated.
  2. Initiative – Personal energy that is exhibited each day. The energy is focused toward proactive and productive activities and is not diffused or scattered.
  3. Emotional Intelligence – The awareness of, and ability to manage, one’s emotions in a healthy and productive manner. Being able to roll with the ups and downs of sales by taking the high road – and not the low road.
  4. Integrated Beliefs– Belief in who they are, what they do and why their solution is valuable to others.

Think of one top performer and one moderate performer.  Do a quick mental check on both of these drivers.

Which sales rep had more checks?

Can you build ‘Will’?  Absolutely.  You can’t pour it it, it’s brought out by coaching.  As you continue (or begin) your one-on-one coaching sessions, works towards addressing the Success Drivers… and watch your team soar.


Success Drivers is Trademark owned by SalesProInsider with the Genuine Sales course.  Used with permission.  Top performing and top producing sales managers whose sellers meet sales quotas consistently conduct Field Ride Alongs, One-on-One Coaching and Sales Meetings to build skill and will.  Clone yourself for some one-on one-coaching only available here.