What do you think would happen if you asked your sales reps what they need to sell more?

Look out… the responses aren’t going to be exactly what you were thinking. 

You’ll hear things like:

  • New computers
  • A lead generation resource
  • More marketing material
  • Approval to discount
  • More support staff
  • Pay raise

Yet you still need more sales with the same resources, budgets and time.  You can’t get them their wish list.

So what’s going to happen?  Are you going to fail to meet numbers?

Of course not. 

You’re not alone with reps thinking it’s what they don’t have that will make the difference.

Your job is to focus your team on what they do have and use that to catapult success!

Remember the Apollo 13 space mission?

“Houston, we have a problem.”

In order to bring our men home safely – the people on the ground could only use the resources within the space shuttle to come up with the right solution.  And lucky for everyone involved, they figured out how to put a big square peg in a small round hole!

Your reps need to do the same.  We call it Success Within The Box.

  1. Ask your reps to tell their most pressing problems.
  2. Show your team the clip from Apollo 13 to generate some problem solving creativity.
  3. Select one pressing challenge from the list.
  4. Break your team into small groups of 4 and ask each team to figure out solutions to the challenge using only the time, people and resources they already have!

It’s amazing how creative and resourceful teams can be to solve important problems.



Alice Kemper, sales training expert and founder of Sales Training Werks, mobilizes sales reps to crush their monthly quota.  For great coaching, motivating and skill building ideas – check out the done-for-you sales training meetings and energizers here.

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