Yes, I want my sales reps to crush their numbers monthly!
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Right now you have reps that are working for you that are under performing day in and day out.

CSO Insights says that 45.6% of sales teams are not meeting sales targets – meaning you are barely getting a little more than half of your sales team to make their numbers and carry everyone else on the team.  If I was a top producer, I’d be pissed and quite possibly start looking elsewhere.

What would your total sales volume look like month after month if ALL of your reps…  the top performers too – are performing at 15% more capacity right now ?

It would look really good.  You’d also have a lot less stress, along with your reps and even your boss. 

You know the ultimate responsibility for your team to sell and meet targets is on your shoulders. 

No matter how much you are time challenged and pulled in a thousand directions, at the end of the day it comes down to what did you do to equip your team to sell more?

Did you know that continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee?  (Source: Caliper)

So investing in your people – more specifically training your people – has a significant positive impact for your organization.

Not investing in your people gets you more of the same – and you know you don’t want that.

You want to be even more successful.

You also want to see your team in the #1 spot on the leader board.every month.

You want the recognition as a great leader and the opportunity for future promotions.

Do the right thing – get back to training your sales reps – even though you are time deprived.

It can’t go on the back burner any more.

I was in your shoes. 

My first month as sales manager, my sales team was not #1 on the leader board, and I’m ashamed to say we were in next to last place.

I knew I had to do something.

I had to figure out quickly how to equip my team and turn everyone into selling machines.

Failure was not an option. Getting my full bonus check, keeping my boss off my back, grooming myself for my next promotion, and seeing my team in the #1 slot on the leader board was my priority.

I looked around – what were the professionals who win the big championships doing – whether it be golf, tennis, football, baseball, basket ball… or even our first responders, doctors, lawyers, financial planners and airline pilots?

They had one thing in common – they were equipped to do their jobs better than anyone else.

They knew what to do in a variety of situations. They were proactive, reactive, create problem solvers and more.

They drilled for every encounter over and over again and upgraded their skills, motivation and talents.  That’s why they were the big winners.

Did they do this in a vacuum? By themselves? No – they have great coaches leading them and equipping them with the information they need.

The first base coach didn’t tell his under performing star to go to the locker room and read a book.

He brought him out to first base and practiced drills over and over again with the pitcher, the second baseman and the third baseman.  He knew what to do when someone was sliding into his base or going to steal to second.

So equip became my motto.

Every thing I did with and for my reps was to equip them to sell more.

To make every conversation count.

To effectively fill the pipeline.

To not bat an eyelash when they heard an objection.

To ask for the next steps and decision every single time.

I used the EQUIP model in my sales training meetings (and still do today).

Every sales training meeting was built on the Equip Model. It had to:

Engage. People learn faster when they are engaged. The old method is teach and they will learn. The new method is engage and they are equipped. Every training I do is all activity based. There are no ‘Talking Heads’ allowed in any of my training sessions.

Quick. People have attention spans of a gnat. Everyone wants it quick, to the point and relevant. Every training module is built for high impact and high payoff in 30 minutes or less. One relevant skill set at a time. The best way people learn is by one behavior change at a time. From the millennials to the veterans – there is one thing they all agree on – they want information in short quick bite sized portions to be able to apply immediately.

Unlock – and unblock – any bad habits or just being stuck. Every sales rep gets stuck – not only on what to do but stuck because they’ve been doing it so long it either gets boring or the rep hits a plateau. There’s none of that same old same old or say this and they’ll say that.  It’s all about challenging your thinking and how how to shift to new tools for the new rules of selling along with new tools for the new rules of buying. You want the veterans to clean out the cobwebs, stop taking the shortcuts and everyone to get out of their ruts and creativity rise above the competition.

Immediate – There’s no delay in the application.  Instead it’s HEAR – PRACTICE – GO – DO. The minute the rep leaves the training session they can use it on the very next customer contact.… Boom!

Principle based. Yes your business is different, but one thing I learned as I traveled the world teaching sales training – conversations that sell are based on solid principles of how today’s buyers want to buy and why they buy from some people over others using the dynamic psychological triggers. These conversations are not smoke and mirrors or word for word scripts. The most effective and efficient sales conversations follow the key principles, with a sprinkle of  your personality, add the product knowledge and there’s the guaranteed success.

If my meeting wasn’t going to deliver with the EQUIP model I wasn’t going to have that meeting.

This worked for me because from that point on my team was always #1 in the region.

We stayed at the top of the leader board.

Fast forward to my consulting for companies world wide. Leading over 2,200 workshops to over 66,500 sales reps – all who boast of 5 – 35% sales increases.

I gave these bite sized nuggets of training to the sales managers we work with in insurance, med device, financial, call centers, funeral planners, micro brewery, staffing, ad agencies, cattle feed, crop ingredients, manufacturers, plus dozens more industries.

They new if they equipped everyone – everyone could sell more. So they used my sales meetings and they too got the results I did.

After Carole Bowen led her first sales meeting with the equip method – her sales reps asked her if they could have more meetings just like that one.

She was floored and excited at the same time and sheepishly said, “Sure.” because she knew she had a year’s worth of sales meetings to equip her reps to upgrade their skills and upgrade their revenues.

It’s your turn.

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to my entire digital library of done-for-you nuggets of bite-sized sales training to build a quota busting sales team – one that crushes their numbers monthly.

Every topic sales reps need to achieve. 

Preparation – Prospecting – Sales Strategy – Problem Solving – Personal Growth.

You get one done-for-you sales meeting for every week of the month – and all sales meetings are 30 minutes or less.

With no more than 20 minutes of prep.  So throw away the excuses about not having time.

And please don’t get cardiac arrest on me…

Yes there are 52 sales meeting outlines – and if that’s too many for you – it’s so flexible you decide how many you want to use and choose between a 15 minute sales huddle or movie clip that motivates or a 30 minute down and dirty skill booster based on your time.

And here’s a suggestion… you don’t even need to lead the meetings. The 20 sales managers at Times-Shamrock delegated the sales meetings to their reps.  Each rep took a different month.  How’s that for delegation and providing leadership skills to their reps? Plus, the other reps want their peers succeed so they engaged at a higher level.  They new payback would come quickly when it was their turn.

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When sales reps sell more – everything is better.  They’re more passionate about work, their commissions are better, retention is higher, customer satisfaction is on the rise.  Your reps also have the financial resources to meet their family goals and everyone wins.  You, your reps, your customers and your company.  

Plus 1000 sales managers – you included – will earn their full bonus check because reps would wide will be selling more.  

You will be fulfilling your important responsibility to build your team to perform at their highest potential – in less than 30 minutes at a time – and each outline averages out to $7 per meeting.  Heck, the coffee and donuts for the year will cost more than the training outlines from a world-renown sales training expert!  (Yes, everyone is probably right – Crazy me… but gotta be a little crazy to get high knowing sales reps world wide are selling more because I gave their sales manager everything they needed (training in a box) to impact sales revenues.)

Plus it comes with a 365 day money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose. Try it out – all year even – and if your reps aren’t having better sales conversations and closing more deals, let me know and you’ll get all of your money back.

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Alice Kemper

President and Founder

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  • Build a Quota Busting Sales Team – there’s The Perfect Months. One skill or will booster per week -all in less than 30 minutes with no more than 15 minutes of prep.  Outlines for 2 Sales Huddle Energizers, 1 30 Minute Sales Meeting Skill Booster and 1 Amazing Movie Clip to Motivate Ambitious, Driven Sales Teams.
  • Be the Leader You Want to Be – there’s over 100 Leadership Tips in 8 categories – Leadership, Coaching, Retention, Goal Setting, Motivation, Problem Solving, Prospecting and Ways to Increase Sales to hone skills and lead.
  • Learn From Leading Edge Sales and Leadership Experts – there’s the Expert Messages. A series of interviews with Alice Kemper and interviews from today’s leading edge sales and leadership experts on topics to help you do your job better.
  • Ask the Experts Your Most Pressing Questions – Monthly Office Hours with Alice Kemper is going to be live with open mike, and other invited experts. Here’s a chance to learn from the experts – it’s like a free consultation!

In short, if you need to succeed in growing your sales team to meet sales quotas consistently, keep the boss off your back, want to earn your full commission check and have the best sales team in the world – we will show, tell and give you everything you need to deliver it like a pro and get your reps crushing their numbers monthly!

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And all of this navigating from a single member only dashboard that looks like this:


$379 and gain instant access for your reps to sell more immediately.  Everything is unlocked and you are the driver of the topics.  You pick and choose based on the needs of your team from every aspect of sales from hypnotic openings to objection handling and proven closing techniques to turn moderate performers to sales guns within a few short weeks.

Or for $37 a month, gain instant access one month at a time.  The same top-notch sales training as the annual membership… yet instead of you jumping around on topics because of what you are seeing your sales team needs, you get one month unlocked at a time of four great sales meetings.


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