Are your sales people telling you they prefer to prospect through email?

If so, watch out….

… you could be alienating businesses who – because of these emails – will absolutely not become your future customers.

Wall of Shame Bad Email #1

Dear ___

I would like to get you set up today for a table at the June 20th Business Expo at the Mall.

Please call me at (xxx-xxx-xxxx) today to make arrangements.

How many people will you have representing your company at the Expo?


Wall of Shame Bad Email #2


I hope you are having a fantastic week.

This is just a quick note on re-connecting and checking your availability for a phone call as I did not get any reply from my previous email.

Please take note that you are not a name on a list and I’m specifically contacting you because I am confident that ABC Marketing can help you increase your lead quality and volume greatly.

I would highly appreciate your suggestion on a time slot that best suits your diary anytime this week or next.  You can rest assured the time you will spend will be productive.


Is your reaction the same as mine?

• Who are you? (incredulously stated) I haven’t spoken to you EVER and you want to set me up for an expo table?

• Slap my hand why don’t you, since I didn’t answer your two previous poor emails!

I should call you? (more incredulous inflection) Aren’t I the customer?

Now, am I saying prospecting via email marketing doesn’t work?

No, I’m not.  Email marketing does when when done correctly.

If this has scared you (and it should have)… your mission is to meet with each rep and review their prospect email marketing messages.

Warning:  Before lamb basting each rep.. remember you are reviewing their prospecting emails as a discovery mission.

They really may not know any better.  Especially if they hadn’t been training on the do’s and don’ts of email prospecting.

Consider this skill boosting activity  – bring your team together for a mini workshop on crafting emails to win sales conversations.

We’ve got plenty of mini workshops for everything from prospecting to closing the deal.  Check it out.


Alice Kemper and Sales Training Werks is dedicated to mobilizing sales teams to sell more day in and day out. Their clients boast of sales increases of 5 – 35% and often within 10 short weeks.  More skill boosting ideas like this one can be yours.

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