Randy Paush’s book, The Last Lecture, is a best seller, and after reading it, I see why.

There is a lot of wisdom in his stories and advice.  One story in particular, about time management, hit home with me.

As a person who works very hard and long to accomplish business priorities, it is easy for me to spot that behavior in others too. Many of the very successful sales people I work with are wonderful time managers and get a lot done.

But there are always more things we can do to make the most of our precious time. Here are some ideas from Randy’s Last Lecture. The bolded sections are Randy’s words, followed with my ideas about how they relate to sales.

Time must be explicitly managed, like money. 

Try not to invest too much time on irrelevant details. Ever spend hours on a minute detail when getting ready for a client meeting? And then miss some of the key points?

You can always change your plan, but only if you have one.

Planning is important – and the process of the identifying the outcome and the steps to get there is what works.

Ask yourself: Are you spending your time on the right things? 

You may have causes, goals, interests. Are they even worth pursuing? Take a look at your client and prospect list – where are you spending your time?

Develop a good filing system. 

So much is wasted looking for things that aren’t where they need to be – CRM systems CAN bring great efficiencies!

Rethink the telephone. Need to keep a call short? Never put your feet up or get comfortable. Stand up! 

Oh, how easy it is to extend a conversation with others and it is so important. The key is to keep it to an appropriate length that gets the business accomplished, strengthens the relationship and then ends so both parties can get to other things.

What are your tips and hints to make the most of the time we have? Let us know in the Comments section.


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