The Ultimate Sales Training Shortcut

Never Spend Another Minute Struggling to Figure Out How to Deliver Bite-Sized Nuggets of Quality Sales Training That Sticks!

This is your chance to finally own the top sales training experts collection of sales huddle energizers, amazing movie clips to motivate, 30 minute sales meeting skill boosting outlines, templates, cheat sheets, swipe files, expert messages, leadership tips…

…and everything I use and my clients use to…


From: Alice Kemper, Founder of

As an award-winning entrepreneur and top sales distributor, I am going to share the greatest gift I could ever give a VP of Sales, Sales Manager, or President of small businesses.

It’s the key to my “training vault”…a literal treasure trove of sales training, leadership tips, cheat sheets, templates, systems and shortcuts to boost sales in any business.

And I’m going to let you have it all…

…(plus a whole lot more)…

for only $37!

I’ll tell you why in a bit, but first, I have a question for you…

Are You Just “Winging It?” When It Comes to Sales Training?


Practicing “hope and pray”?

Moving sales training from one to-do list to another?

Or do you have a clear-cut sales training and coaching plan to grow your sales team to meet sales quotas consistently?

If you are “winging it”, don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. As I work with sales managers worldwide, that’s what most of them are doing.

And they aren’t happy about it.

At first it surprised me because “winging it” was the furthest thing from my mind when I was a sales manager.

See, I taught in the public school system before going into sales and then sales management.

I’m wired to do everything through training… that’s the “teacher” in me. I don’t think any differently.

My kids tested in at one grade level and it was my responsibility for them to test out higher at the end of the school year (or I didn’t get to keep my day job).

I took the same challenge as a sales rep – I wanted, no needed – to bust any previous sales quota in my territory. I learned, I trained, I practiced and I won!

The same happened when I was promoted to sales manager. Now my job was to get my first team of 23 sales reps to bust any previous quota… and I turned our Monday morning sales meetings into instant skill builders.

End results – My teams always outperformed the others in the region.

What was my secret sauce? A combination of 5-15 minute Sales Huddle Energizers, 30 Minute Sales Meetings, field rides, one-on-one coaching, cheat sheets and more.

So I Did Something For All Sales Managers Without a Teaching Degree…

I assembled my entire team (and we have A LOT of really smart sales trainers) and we took our big guns sales training courses and chunked them down to bite sized nuggets of energizers and skill boosters for today’s sales people.

For example the team created:

  • 30 Minute Sales Meeting skill boosters – 36 of them
  • 5-15 Minute Sales Huddle Energizers – 72 of these
  • Short YouTube Amazing Motivating Movie Clips – 36 total
  • Expert Sales Trainer Interviews – 4 and growing
  • Swipe Files, Motivating Quotes, Advice Ebooks, and Tips on every aspect building a top performing, top producing sales team.

…and that’s just to name a few!

Virtually every aspect of hiring, training, developing, coaching and growing a team to consistently meet or exceed sales quotas was developed in step-by-step easy to read and easy to use outlines for any sales manager in any industry.

Then we put them to the test…

We handed these Perfect Months (as they’re more formally known) over to less-experienced sales managers, sales trainers, and even highly respected sales people to test with their sales teams.

Our goal was simple, we wanted to accomplish 3 things:

  1. See if someone who wasn’t an expert could follow the outlines and achieve similar results.
  2. Discover if they were as easily self customizing to any product or service as we designed them.
  3. Find out if sales people world wide would like them, request more of this kind of sales meeting and bottom-line – capture more sales.

The Tests Worked…

The Result: SUCCESS!

We now had something that most business’ only dream of having…

We had short bursts of sales training…

  • We had checklists…
  • We had leadership tips…
  • We had “cheat sheets”…
  • We had the training reps wanted…

In short, we had “McDonald-ized” all aspects of sales training meetings and business growth!

Here’s my disclaimer:  I obviously can’t promise that you will get the same results. Your results will vary due to a multitude of factors.

Your commitment, how often, your enthusiasm, and your belief in your team.

Our Recent Bold Move…

We decided to take literally ALL our training, tips, advice and checklists…


…and “open source” them to VP of Sales, Sales Managers, Training Managers, Training Consultants, Presidents of small businesses, everyone and anyone who has a role of developing people to meet sales quotas.

We call it “” (or “The Werks” for short), because that’s exactly what we are: A sales training solution company who mobilizes sales teams to meet sales quotas consistently. We do it with sales training that works! And we keep designing sales training that works because the buyer and seller and market change in a nano second.

As a “Werks Member,” you get you get to see everything in the Resource Tool Box, Expert Messages, Leadership Tips and Training Deals.

A Monthly Membership unlocks a new Perfect Month each month. Or… your Annual Membership opens the entire year of Perfect Months at once.

And when we create new tips, expert messages, ebooks, cheat sheets – at least once a month if not more – you have immediate access.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the Perfect Months that are already waiting for you inside “The Werks”…

  • Better Questions – how to turn ordinary questions into extra-ordinary to be the strategic business partner your buyer wants to buy from
  • Objections No More – discipline yourself to ask a questions rather than respond with your pat answer that works less than 50% of the time
  • Advancing The Sale- maximize every customer conversation to move forward and improve close ratios
  • Quick Prep for Faster Sales – ditch the winging it and use a 5 Minute Quick Prep Tool to close more deals

…and that’s just to name a few!

These Perfect Months are great for optimizing and reinforcing the training you already have, and fill in what you don’t.

The goal is to turn a dull sales meeting or one that is a big information dump – into a high-energy and high-impact sales development meeting.

And by joining today, you have immediate access to begin boosting your team’s skills and sales. How will it feel to meet and beat sales quotas consistently?

But that’s not all.. we’re going to have a monthly…

“Office Hours” LIVE Trainings

As ‘The Werks’ member, you also get to “drop in” on our internal “Office Hours” meetings where members of the team and our featured guest experts share what’s new, what’s hot and what’s WORKING across sales training departments worldwide.

It’s like you’re sitting across from some of the worlds leading sales training experts for a free consultation.

In the past, these virtual “meetups” were for my sales trainers only. Now as a part of “open-sourcing” all of our training, I’ve decided these conversations are valuable for ‘The Werks’ members to attend and ask questions too.

Not only will you get the latest and greatest ideas, you’ll also have a chance to ask questions to me, my team, or anyone else who decided to drop by that week.

Leadership Tips

As “The Werks” member, you’re also getting access to over 100 Leadership Tips.

Just like picking up the phone and calling a colleague or mentor for a tip, this is what the Leadership Tips are all about:

  • Sharing what’s working, and…
  • Getting help with what isn’t.

The Tips Categories are:

  • Coaching
  • Retention
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Prospecting
  • Problem Solving
  • Ways to Increase Sales
  • Leadership

Guest tips include:

  • Experts from Women Sales Pro’s – the top 50+ B2B sales experts, authors, keynote speakers, and consultants
  • “The Werks’ members who want to contribute
  • Our team of sales training experts who write 1-3 tips a week for our clients…

So you get it all…

  • The Perfect Month Collection – 36 months – buy the month or year
  • Leadership Tips – 10+ tips in 8 Categories – Coaching, Retention, Goal Setting, Motivation, Prospecting, Problem Solving, Ways to Increase Sales, Leadership
  • Resource Tool Kit – all our checklists, reports, “cheat sheets”, advice, ebooks and more
  • Monthly “Office Hours” meet ups (so you’re always up to date and in the loop on what’s new, what’s hot and what’s actually working TODAY…) and
  • Expert Messages (so you can get help and support whenever and wherever), and…

You Get It ALL…
For A Full 30 Days – For Only $37

That’s right…

Your investment today is only $37.

I May Be Crazy…

It may come as a surprise, but I do have a sneaky, ulterior motive for making this offer.

As you have probably already guessed, I’m not getting rich giving away my best stuff for $37.

My sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and choose to stay.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that’s ok, too.

Just cancel before the first 30 days are up, and you’ll won’t roll over to the Monthly Membership. I’ll even send you an email to remind you that 30 days are just about up.

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at our Charter Member rate of just $37 a month.

A paltry sum…

…especially when compared to the time saved not having to scourer the internet looking for ideas for your next sales meeting – plus what the professional growth your team gains when you implement just one of the Perfect Months, or what you’ll save by getting a direct, specific answer to that one big question that’s been plaguing you.

In fact, I’ll make you a deal…

If your team isn’t able to make a sale during your first month to cover your investment of “The Werks” for at least the next two years, I’ll insist that you bow out and look for help somewhere else.

Again, that’s how confident I am in what you’re about to have.

So click the Add to Cart button below, and let’s get started…

money-back-logoYour investment is completely protected by our 30 day money back guarantee! There’s no contract to sign and if you don’t find your sales team has brought you in 3 times your investment in the first 30 days… we will give you every penny back. You have an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee!