As you know, we developed 30 Minute Sales Meetings Collection to help sales managers and trainers make their meetings more effective with less effort.

Our combined experience in sales and in human resources allows us to offer you powerful sales training solutions based on what really works – and believe it or not, sometimes that is Play doh and chenille sticks.

Let us explain.

A few months ago, we were interviewed for a potential article about effective sales meeting practices. We fired off ideas to the reporter, not sure what he’d end up using.

Now that article is published in the Insurance and Financial Management magazine.  You can read all the wisdom we shared. We even gave away our signature ‘how to ensure people pay attention’ tip (that’s where the Play doh and chenille sticks come in – they’re powerful focus-generators!).

If you’re planning a meeting and you want it to be interactive, engaging and productive, follow the tips in the article.

Here are a few:

  1. Break large groups into smaller groups where conversations can happen.
  2. Make time for networking/socializing for Type A sales pros.
  3. Use audiovisual equipment effectively to engage and educate – not as your presentation notes!
  4. Only share relevant and timely information.
  5. Your room set-up and the ambience matter! Plan for it.
  6. Make sure there are ‘how-tos’ shared and not just information dumps.

This article is a great reminder that planning effective sales training meetings takes effort and energy – and we can make that planning take less effort and actually generate energy – with 30 Minute Sales Meetings! 30 Minute Sales Meetings Collection include a Getting Started Guide, Leader Outlines, Copy-Ready worksheets and Reinforcement Tips.  It’s foolproof, easy to prepare and guaranteed for you to always deliver the most effective sales training meetings!