Receipt Wow

When was the last time you had a ‘wow’? The kind of “wow’ that you’re truly surprised and want to talk about?”

At the end of a delightful happy hour birthday celebration the waitress presented our check.

Here’s how she did it… The receipt was inserted in a box that looked like a book with the message Hope, Dream Inspire on the front.

Everyone said – “Wow” and immediately out came the smart phones to photograph and post!  It was irresistible!

Shortly afterwards the owner approached asking how we enjoyed the food and drinks.

One of the friends whipped out her phone to show the post. His beaming answer…

“That was my wife’s idea.”

No matter who’s idea it was… it received a big “Wow” from 6 women… 6 posts… and how many other people are these 6 women going to tell?

See, I’m writing a blog about it!

How can you “wow’ your customers?

We take so much for granted and accept the standard – where that’s probably the easiest place to insert the “wow”.

Think about it – at the end of every meal a receipt is expected and handed to you. Your right hip pocket starts to burn (well not really).

This clever way to present a check dissipated any ill feelings of high prices and in turn ended in a higher tip!

How can you offer a ‘Wow” to your customers?

  • List common customer touch points.
  • What do we do at each of these touch points now?
  • Does that elicit a ‘WOW”?
  • If not, what could we do differently that would be a “WOW”?
  • Implement the new idea – and the wow’s are on the way!

Good luck turning your ordinary into an extraordinary experience!