What does a rubber band have to do with a positive mindset?

The answer isn’t what you might think.

First, what happened that I even thought of the rubber band idea again?

See, one of the sales leaders in our private mastermind group posted she was struggling with mindset.

Even though she believed she has a positive mindset, things don’t always go as planned and she finds it hard at times to stay positive.

She wanted to know if she was alone, and if not, what do we do?

Ergo the rubber band.  This idea gets you to snap out of it – no pun intended!

  • Place a rubber band on your wrist.
  • Each time you have the negative or limiting belief thought – pop the band (ouch) and say cancel-clear.
  • Followed by… “Thank you for that thought.  It no longer serves me.  And reframe the thought in a positive way, i.e.:
    • I am capable of achieving goals.  I’ve done it many times before and will do it again now.
    • My body is my temple and it heals itself.
    • Good things come my way because I deserve them
    • Customers buy from me all of the time and are thrilled with their results.
    • People say no for a variety of reasons. It’s okay.  I learn from each encounter and more people say yes to me than no.

Changing mindset is incorporated in all of our workshops because an organization’s growth is dependent on sales teams who believe than can achieve and break through the clutter in their heads that often hinders them.

Go get your rubber band and try this.  See what you think and then introduce it to your sales reps.

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