I didn’t buy because of Words.

What do words have to do with whether someone buys or not?

Plenty… on a recent purchasing experience I found myself resisting the sales rep and thinking, “I’m not buying from him.” And I left the store to go find another with the same item.

On my drive to the next store, I replayed the conversation to determine why I was so emotionally hijacked and discovered it was his choice of words.

Words are how we communicate, words are a form of expression and they also deliver an emotion.

Todd Brown of Marketing Funnel Automation says, “Your customers are not buying for logical, rational reasons.

They’re only using those reasons to try to justify their purchases.

They’re buying stuff to fulfill their own deep-seeded emotional needs.

Just like me. Just like you. 

Remember that.

Especially when you’re crafting your marketing messages. 

We’re complex creatures.

We’re emotional beings.

We’re driven by weird, deep, emotional drivers. 

Your marketing needs to tap into that. It needs to prod that. It needs to show how your product can fulfill one or more of those emotional desires. “

Our sales reps ‘marketing message’ is dependent on the words they use.

If you don’t want your reps turning customers away – as the one who did me today… start listening very carefully to the words your reps are using as they speak, along with the ones they include in their emails.

Most of the words to avoid, or better known as wimpy words, weaken your position as an authority representing your product or service and conjure up the wrong emotion – the emotion that turns your customers off from buying.


The words that turned me off… Trust me – said a minimum of 5 times, you know, whatever and I think.

What words would you add to this list to avoid?

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