A 9 year old girl and I were sitting in the waiting area at the salon for our nail technicians.

Striking up a conversation with her I showed her the two polishes I was considering. i'm not boring

One was the same as I had on my nails and the other was a little bolder.

I asked for her opinion.

She selected the bolder one and added this comment, “I think every time you get your nails done you should pick a different color. That’s fun for you and if people see you every day with the same color they’ll think you are boring. And you don’t want to be boring do you?”

Wow, I selected the bolder color that day and my technician was shocked.

I rarely change colors and when I do I’ll wear the new color for months.

Not any more. I have been guilted into not being boring by a 9 year old!

Are your sellers boring their customers by being same old same old each time they connect with them?

Are you being boring with your sales people?

Ways you could be boring:

  • Ask the same question every day – It may go something like ‘What did you sell today?”
  • Introducing new products with only the facts – Leaving out the transition pieces about the benefits to the customer and best tips on how to present to the customer
  • Praising the same people – People notice who you highlight publicly and invest the time with behind closed doors.
  • Talking more than listening – Engage the people you’re talking to with questions. What do they think? How would they take care of the situation? Even though you’re the manager you don’t need an answer, you only need a question.

What are you going to do today to stop being boring?

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