What do you think are your sales people paid to do?

Typical answers are to sell as much product as possible. Nope, that’s not what they are paid to do.

sales before and afterDon’t think I’m crazy and stop reading, because really I’m not.

Your sellers are paid to…

Move people from a before state to an after state.

Let me say that again… Your sellers are paid to move people from a before state to and after state.

When (not if) the sales person does that, then yes.. they will sell tons of product.

And it’s easier than you think to do that.

Work through this with me. Let’s figure out the Before State of any customer.

Think of one of your favorite customers or prospect that’s in progress of advancing to become a customer.

In their Before State, how would you describe what they got and what’s going on in relation to these 4 categories:

  • HAVE
  • FEEL

Got your answers?

Now, how would you describe what they HAVE,

How they FEEL,

Their new AVERAGE DAY and


AFTER they are doing business with you?

The sellers that invest the time to ask questions around these 4 categories…

and then close the gap… are the ones who get the deal.

There’s an art to asking and listening – to effectively and efficiently gear the right questions and guide the customer to get excited about the AFTER.

How about trying this exercise with your sellers?

For added relevancy allow each seller to select several prospects and it becomes instantly applicable.

Or, you can hop on over to our Sales Advice RX page and score some private sessions for your sellers. We’ll gladly work on crafting the absolute best BEFORE STATE questions to ramp up your success time.

What do you think the difference in prospects becoming clients will be if you did this for 21 straight days?

My experience proves it will validate the adage – it takes 21 days to create a new habit – (whilst selling tons of product)!

Don’t forget – Your sellers are paid to move people from a before state to an after state.

Then sell tons of business!


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