Month 03 – Working Through Objections: Ask a Question

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Week 1: 30 Minute Sales Meeting

30 Minute Sales Meeting – Working Through Objections: Ask a Question

Many sellers view working through objections as a negative part of selling. Often they neglect, ignore or try to prove the customer wrong when an objection is voiced. When sellers understand that they donʼt need to have ʻtheʼ answer, they just need to ask a question to open the discussion further; they are less stressed and find it easier to work through objections. Now itʼs effortless to advance each sale!

Download PDF: Working Through Objections: Ask a Question

Week 2: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: People Buy Value

Why do people buy your products? Why do they purchase any product or service? They seek value not price. Your sellers may tell you if they could reduce the price they could beat the competition. It may sound tempting, but are you really in the discount business? People buy what the product or service will do for them. They want to solve a basic need, have convenience, seek a replacement, earn money, avoid trouble, ensure better service or save time. Well over 50 reasons exist for reasons people buy. Build your seller’s confidence with the value offered by your products and services, then watch sales soar. Sales Huddle Energizer Today’s exercise is to select 2-3 of your biggest competitors.

  • On a flip chart or an 8x 10 handout create 5 columns.
  • Title the first column Value.
  • The second is your company name.
  • Place competitor’s names in the remaining columns.
  • In the Value column list everything your customers get or gain when they buy from you.
  • Place a check mark next to each Value in the column under your company name.
  • Take each competitor one at a time and ask whether they provide that value.
  • Check when they do and place an X where they don’t.
  • Discuss and evaluate the comparative value.
  • Add to the value list until your value outweighs the competition.

Now go out and sell your value. Forget about discounts.

Download PDF: People Buy Value

Week 3: Amazing Motivating Movie Clip

15 Minute Amazing Movie Clip to Motivate – Lessons From a Con Man

This clip from the movie Wall Street shows a sales trainer selling a doctor 2000 shares of what we in the audience know is bogus stock.

The new hires look on in amazement and awe.

Ok, I know, this movie is about con men,but, and yes there’s a but, if you take a hard look at it, you’ll see how it’s all about perceived value.

Selling on value, not price, involves a balance of confidence, personal rapport, and doing your homework.

As it becomes more difficult to technology giving consumers greater access to price information and competitors, sellers need to be on their A-game at all times.

Movie Link (2:20)

Motivational Discussion Questions (Select One)

  • How do we differentiate our produces and services resulting in a return on investment?
  • On your next presentation, what are you planning to do to present additional value to your client?

Download PDF: Lessons From a Con Man

Week 4: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: What’s Your Voice Mail Message Saying?

The Voice Mail Message is a powerful sales and relationship building opportunity.

It is the voice of your brand and every caller’s first impression of you.

Pay attention to your own reaction when you hear others’ voice message greetings.

Do you smile?

Did they gain your confidence?

Did you get a quality customer experience?

Are you deciding if this is someone you want to do business with?

Details count and voice mail message is a much overlooked detail to build your business.

If your voice mail message isn’t advancing your image, then it’s time to change it.

Sales Huddle Energizer

  • For 5minutes sellers call each other’s voicemail (live or privately).
  • Listen without commenting.
  • Vote on who’s message is the best and discuss why.
  • Decide the “musts” to include in a voice mail message.
  • Suggest sellers create new voice messages with all the “musts”.
  • Listen to the new messages to see if the sellers understood this strategy or request sellers to call and listen to each other’s new message and provide feedback.

The small details, such as voice mail messages, do make a difference.

Download PDF: What’s Your Voice Mail Saying?