Month 05 – Generating Ideas Through Mind Mapping

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Week 1: 30 Minute Sales Meeting

30 Minute Sales Meeting – Generating Ideas Through Mind Mapping

Being creative ‘on the spot’ can be daunting, especially in cultivating new solutions, problem solving or out-thinking the competition.

Mind Mapping, popularized by Tony Buzan, is a graphic technique to unlock the brain to unleash unlimited thoughts and ideas.

It’s quick, fun, colorful and works individually or with a group.

This effective tool encourages team-synergy and builds many options for sellers to stand out and out-think the competition.

Download PDF: Generating Ideas Through Mind Mapping

Week 2: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: Differentiate from the Competition

Good sellers have mastered the discovery step.

They ask questions to uncover or discover problems, opportunities, wants and needs.

Yet this could also be a reason the competition is winning the business over you.

Are the questions your sellers asking ordinary or thought provoking?

If they are ordinary, your sellers are plain vanilla and the competition who is asking the thought provoking questions are the chocolate with sprinkles on the top.

Sales Huddle Energizer

Ask your sellers to list their best questions.

Take each question and as a group determine if it’s ordinary.

Ordinary means it’s common and probably every sales person selling in your space asks the question. If the answer is “Yes, it’s ordinary,” then as a team rephrase the question to be thought provoking.

An example to show the difference (and please understand this question may not apply to your business, it is for sample purpose only):

“Who are your customers?” Ordinary.

Now for Thought Provoking: “What are the 3 key characteristics of your ideal customer?”

With more thought provoking and powerful questions,your team stands out from the competition and positions themselves as a strategic business partner and not as another vendor.

Vendors are a dime a dozen.

Today’s buyer wants to engage with the strategic business partner.

Download PDF: Differentiate From the Competition

Week 3: Amazing Motivating Movie Clip

15 Minute Amazing Movie Clip to Motivate – Leap Tall Buildings At a Single Bound

Nine army men are challenged to breach a wall.

Watch with precision how they accomplish this feat in 30 seconds.

It’s unknown how many attempts they took in practice before they nailed it. The point is, they strategized first, practiced second, didn’t give up until they nailed it.

As your company faces the challenge of delivering new products and services to meet clients’ changing demands, it’s wise to rely on the strength of your team to pull together to create and innovate.

After all, they are the ones in the trenches doing the selling.

Movie Link (2:20)

Motivational Discussion Questions (Select One)

  • What do you think the team did in order to figure out how to scale the wall? How does what they did apply to our team?
  • What challenge do we want to overcome and what commitment are we willing to make as a team to practice until we nail it?

Download PDF: Leap Tall Buildings At a Single Bound

Week 4: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: Your Handshake – What’s It Mean?

According to Wikipedia a mark of respect and good sportsmanship, the handshake is generally thought to have developed as a gesture to demonstrate neither side is carrying a weapon in their right hand and that each person comes in peace.

Actually shaking hands proves there is no hidden weapon which could be used during a meeting.

Today, the handshake has become a common form of communication all around the world.

It is used to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “we agree”, as a greeting upon first acquaintance, and as a mutual sign of goodwill and peace.

In sales, a handshake can establish a first impression with someone, whether it be good and firm, or limp and clammy.

Think about your thoughts when you’ve shaken someone’s hand. People are doing the same with your sellers.

As silly as it sounds taking a few minutes to practice handshakes is important.

Sales Huddle Energizer

The handshake exercise:

  1. Ask sellers to tell some of their memorable handshake experiences.
  2. Discuss the handshake experiences in relation to first impressions.
  3. Explain people think the grip comes from the four fingers below, when it really comes from the pressure of the thumb.
  4. In pairs, sellers give each other a handshake with the pressure from the thumb.

Challenge your team to remind their colleagues of the importance of the hand shake, if any time in the future a poor handshake is offered.

Download PDF: Your Handshake – What’s It Mean?