Month 10 – Keeping The Pipeline Full

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Week 1: 30 Minute Sales Meeting

30 Minute Sales Meeting – Keeping The Pipeline Full

How do you find time to prospect when you have to manage clients, deliver work, attend meeting, and write proposals, answer emails and do everything else?

Use the 20-point prospecting system,and you’ll never be short of potential customers advancing through the pipeline.

Download PDF: Keeping The Pipeline Full

Week 2: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: The Power of Linkedin

With over 150 million members, Linkedin® is an excellent way to communicate to a B2B audience and business professionals.

It’s a great networking tool to research people and companies, reconnect with past business associates or build a new network of relationships with individuals who influence potential customers.

Sales Huddle Energizer

79.6% of Linkedin® users rate Linkedin® Groups as their #1 Top Favorite Feature.

Start now by joining Linkedin® groups that appeal to your seller’s potential buyer.

  • Request each seller to join 2 groups today.
  • After joining the group, read through and respond to several discussions with comments that promote the seller’s expertise.
  • Tomorrow each seller is expected to join 2 more groups and engage in several more discussions.
  • Repeat this each day until each seller reaches the 50 Group limit.

There may be a 50 group limit, however, there is no limit to adding to discussion comments.

Encourage your sellers to participate in groups, and in no time your sellers will be positioned as an expert in the eyes of your prospective buyers.

Download PDF: The Power of Linkedin

Week 3: Amazing Motivating Movie Clip

15 Minute Amazing Movie Clip to Motivate – One Extra Degree

Working towards your goals may be similar to watching water boiling on the stove.

We either didn’t allow the water to completely boil-we take it off the stove too soon, or we walk away and don’t pay attention and there’s a mess and we have to start all over.

Extra effort, care, and attention matter, and small things can have a big impact on results.

Your efforts can be like boiling water.

Do you quit before it’s time or do you follow through?

What is your boiling degree?

Movie Link (3:34)

Motivational Discussion Questions (Select one)

  • Look at your life right now. No matter how pleased you are, you can always drive it up a notch and add a few more degrees of happiness and success to take you from hot to steaming!! What ways can you add that extra degree, and “kick it up a notch”?
  • What will it take for you to hit 212 degrees?

Download PDF: One Extra Degree

Week 4: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: Will They Say Tell Me More

Whether sellers attend a variety of networking functions or have a great social life filled with cocktail parties people will always ask, “What do you do?’

If your sellers are answering, “I sell insurance, I’m in banking, I sell real estate, I sell crop ingredients, I sell advertising,” they’re getting some nods of the heads and not much more.

This isn’t very useful especially if they’re at the networking functions with the intent for new business development.

Even at parties, no one ever knows who’s connected to whom that may need the services your sellers offer.

It’s time to take advantage of every opportunity when asked, “What do you do?” to hear a resounding, “Wow, how do you do that?” or “Wow, tell me more.”

Sales Huddle Energizer

Bring the team together and strategize on:

  • First, the value they personally bring to the buyer.
  • Second, the end results the buyer receives from your product and/or services.
  • Third, share the following examples:
    Real estate: Help people find their dream home with less hassle and get more than they anticipated for their money.
    Advertising: Consult with time challenged business owners on how to bring qualified buyers to their business on a consistent basis in order for them to meet their quarterly targets.
    Insurance: Protect people’s family,money and possessions while making them money and helping them sleep soundly each and every night.
  • Fourth write their value statement to answer “What do you do?”
  • Last, in pairs or large group, hear each seller’s response.

Download PDF: Will They Say Tell Me More