Month 12 – Think Like A Winner

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Week 1: 30 Minute Sales Meeting

30 Minute Sales Meeting – Think Like A Winner

Thinking like a winner is the first step to living like a winner.

It is especially important for sellers to think like a winner with the inevitable setbacks and disappointments of daily sales life.

With a little help from their colleagues, sellers will be reminded of their personal strengths and positive qualities, which will make them winners that can reach new levels of success.

Download PDF: Think Like a Winner

Week 2: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: Rapid Fire Pump Me Up

Jack Canfield author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series says, “When you think you can’t, revisit a previous triumph.”

Jack is a big believer in appreciating yourself.

Appreciation is one of the highest states of emotion you can be in.

Like attracts like,and if you are in a high state of appreciation you will attract more of the same.

Too many people are conditioned to focus on what they don’t have.

“I don’t have enough prospects.”

“I don’t have enough accounts.”

“I have trouble meeting my goals.”

Let’s flip this around and be appreciative of what we do have and more importantly — yourself.

Sales Huddle Energizer

Try appreciating even the smallest success for 4consecutive weeks and see what changes in your sellers’ world.

Arrange for your sellers to call each day at 5:00 for a group conference call.

In rapid-fire succession, each seller shares one success for the day.

Explain a success is not limited to making a sale.

A success can be for anything — shutting up and listening to a customer or prospect and learning something new or the gatekeeper gave the email or cell phone number of the decision maker.

The only purpose of the call is to shout out a success about yourself.

Do not extend the call beyond the rapid-fire success bombardment.

The accountability of having even a small success allows for an even more productive sales day.

The combination of the entire team expressing their success ignites each person to do even more the next day.

In a short time, your sales team is on fire and bigger and better things come their way.

Download PDF: Rapid Fire Pump Me Up

Week 3: Amazing Motivating Movie Clip

15 Minute Amazing Movie Clip to Motivate – To Judge or Not To Judge

This is the famous clip from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts went shopping.

She was rejected from a high end clothing store and in true Julia Roberts spirit she went back to show the sales clerks how much commission they lost because they judged her.

Like it or not we are constantly being judged by the way we dress, talk, look, how we do our jobs and what we do for a living.

Since we know it’s human nature to judge, let’s work on creating the right impressions when we are the seller.

And what can we do it eliminate those quick and questionable judgments, especially when it comes to a prospect, let’s try to talk and find out more about the person right in front of us.

Let’s stop making that – “BIG MISTAKE!”

Movie Link (2:12)

Motivational Discussion Questions (Select One)

  • It works both ways. Our customers judge us and we judge them. What mistakes to we tend to make about our prospects and customers?
  • Each person share one tip to either make a good first impression or a tip to prevent us from prejudging our customers and prospects.

Download PDF: To Judge or Not To Judge

Week 4: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: The Gold Mine in Old Contacts

Don’t underestimate the “gold” in old contacts and current customers.

Today’s sales teams are ramping up the new business development strategy by contacting people and organizations they’ve never met before.

They’re culling through Linkedin®, attending networking functions, conferences, trade shows and more.

There’s an often over looked marketing strategy right in front of you,within easy reach and low cost marketing.

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of new business with old contacts.

Sales Huddle Energizer

Ask your sellers to call contacts they haven’t spoken to within the last 2-5 years.

Your sellers will be pleasantly surprised at what may open up.

And even if nothing opens up (which rarely happens), at the very least, they’ll get some good vibes from the welcoming reception they’ll receive.

Of course they may learn many moved to other companies or phones are routed to someone new.

That’s several new leads right there!

Become resourceful with Linkedin®, Twitter ® and other Internet resources to track down those at new companies.

Download PDF: The “Gold Mine” in Old Contacts