Month 23 – Now To Wow

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Week 1: 30 Minute Sales Meeting

30 Minute Sales Meeting – Now To Wow

There are many customer contacts throughout the sales process. Each contact is a touch-point that provides an opportunity to stand out from the competition and build trust and appreciation to build a loyal customer relationship. Gain a competitive advantage by turning your everyday touch-points that exist now from ordinary to WOW experiences for the customer in a variety of no-cost/low-cost ways.

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Week 2: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: It’s A Stretch

Stretch goals inspire us to think big and to remind us to focus on the big picture!

Stretch goals inspire us to think big and remind us to focus on the big picture. Your sales team has their new sales target goals for this year and they are a stretch from last year. Your team may also have a variety of personal stretch goals. Every now and again it’s a good reminder that even when we think we are exerting the effort to ‘stretch’ for the big goal . . . we may not be ‘stretching’ as much as we possibly can.

Sales Huddle

If you do this activity indoors, you will need to place flip chart paper very high on the walls. If you do this outdoors, you need a wall where it’s okay to place a pencil or chalk mark.

Each sales rep needs either a pencil or a piece of chalk. Line all sales reps along a wall.

Ask: Stretch up as high as you possibly can and place a mark on the flip chart paper (or wall). Really really stretch.

Have everyone look at their marks.

Ask: Now do it again and get it higher!

People really stretched the first time and at first don’t necessarily think they can get even higher – yet they do.

Have everyone look at their marks.

Discussion question: How does this stretch game compare to where we are at working towards this year’s sales targets?

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Week 3: Amazing Motivating Movie Clip

Invest in Yourself

If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know and invest in yourself.

How do you spend your time? Whatever you are doing with your time tells you something about who you are. Are you working on you? Working on your dreams? Reading books? Acquiring new knowledge? Going home from work to do nothing? You make the decision on how you invest in yourself with your time. Discover what you are really committed to.

Movie Link (04:01)

Motivational Discussion Questions (Select One)

  • Evaluate how you spend your time. Does your current time investment match with your goals and dreams?
  • Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but put aside because you say you are too busy? What barriers can you remove to effectively invest in your dream and yourself?

Download PDF: Invest in Yourself

Week 4: 10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer

10 Minute Sales Huddle Energizer: The Answer to Win More Deals

Answer the 3 BIG Sales Questions; Why Anything? Why Mine? and Why Now? and watch sales soar.

Our customers haven’t changed over the years. Maybe how they buy has changed – yet they are still the same. They buy sooner and from the company who can clearly answer three key questions. The sales reps who include the answers to these three questions in their sales
conversations will more deals.

Sales Huddle

Your customers and prospects may not ask you these questions in your sales conversations, but they are asking these questions to themselves. Incorporating the answers in your conversation enhances your opportunity to close the deal. Review the three questions that
matter the most to your buyers and discuss ways to incorporate the answers in each sales conversation:

1. Why buy anything?
The ability answer to this question requires the understanding of your prospective clients business, today’s trends and business environment, the competitive choices, your prospect’s position in the buying and implementation process. How will the buyer and the company be effected because of this buy? Your response to this one question determines if you are just another vendor or are you the business strategist buyers prefer to do business with.

2. Why buy mine?
The customer really wants to know is “What makes you different?” Don’t underestimate how important it is for you to differentiate yourself, your product and your company from your competitors.

3. Why buy now?
This is the emotional hot button. Because the risks of not doing anything grows and the rewards of doing something is greater than the current status quo.

Download PDF: The Answer to Win More Deals